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I wanted to do things a little differently this week.  Rather than me telling you about the week that I have had, I wanted to ask everyone who reads my blog, if you would like to tell me how your week has been.

I am really interested to know the truth of how your week has been, not the answer of “not bad” which you normally give in a social setting when someone asks.  I would like this to be a place where you can tell the truth, without any negative ramifications.  Sometimes we don’t want to tell others the truth of our experiences, because we think that they are going to want to fix us.

Sometimes we don’t really need any advice; we just need someone to listen to us.  We just need someone to say, “I understand”, or “I could never really understand what you have been through, but I am happy to let you know that, even though there are a lot of differences between us, there are far more things that unite us.”

But, just in case you might be able to identify, a little bit, with my experiences, I’ll tell you about my week anyway.

The beginning of the week started off with me feeling like the weight of the world was on my shoulders.  I had a lot of work to do and appointments to keep, but I don’t think that was it; I just felt ‘blaahhh’.

Can you understand what I mean by ‘blaahhh’?  I didn’t feel sick, or angry, or sad, or any emotion that could be described by any negative words I knew; I just didn’t feel light and happy and had no excuse for it.

And then I checked in with the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards app (from Doreen Virtue & Robert Reeves), and received the card pictured here, which told me that it’s not just me, but that the world is transitioning now.  This helped reduce my load a little, but I decided to send some love and healing out to our Earth Mother, and I felt a lot better afterwards.  I hope she did too.

I still seemed to be busy by the end of the week, but somehow it didn’t weigh me down.  I managed to feel light and happy, regardless.  Perhaps my sending love to the world helped us both.

In fact, I know it did.

You see, what I have learned is that we are all one.  When my Earth Mother feels bad, I do too.  When there are a lot of people feeling bad in the world, it is a lot harder for the rest of us to raise our vibrations and feel light and happy.

We are one, not only with Mother Earth and the humans who reside on her, but with all of the animals and plants on our planet, as well.  One of the purposes of the animals and plants is to provide a balance for the negative energy which we humans provide, with the positive energy which animals and plants naturally exude.

The problem is that we are having such a negative impact on the animals and plants of the Earth, that the balance is not being maintained.

Billions of animals in factory farms are unable to exude their natural positive energy, as they are not living natural lives, but very depressing negative ones.  Other animals are fighting for their survival, and under stress from greatly reduced habitats.  Even the plants of our planet are under stress, as vast areas are cleared to make way for our farmed animals.  Even those plants we plant feel the stress, as they are not grown naturally, but with harsh chemicals and much human intervention.

But we all have the power of God’s love within us.  If we can send our love out into the world, we can help to make all the people, animals and plants of the Earth feel better, and Mother Earth too.

But the other thing we can do to help is not to contribute to the problem.  This is a little more difficult.

This requires us to ‘put our money where our mouth is’, so to speak.  We need to ‘walk our talk’, not just ‘talk our talk’.

We need to consider the consequences of our actions in everything we do.

Once we start to really consider the consequences of our actions, we start to understand that adverse consequences, which we cause to any of God’s creation, ultimately result in adverse consequences for ourselves.

Rather than feeling guilty for any adverse consequences we may have caused in the past, the best way we can atone for those actions is to send love out into the world in our present moment, and to ask God to remove those negative consequences in all directions of time.

You may wonder how this is possible, but remember that, with God, all things are possible.  We don’t need to know how it works; we just need to have faith.

Faith and love are the two ingredients necessary to achieve any desired outcome.

With faith and love, we can achieve a world where all of the humans, animals, and plants on Earth are treated with respect, and respect for Mother Earth will naturally follow.

Perhaps that is why my week improved, because I began to understand that everything will be alright, after all.  The transition which the Earth is experiencing, although perhaps painful at the time, is leading to positive outcomes, given enough faith and love.

So, please tell me how your week went.  If it wasn’t such a great week, remember that, with faith and love, we can improve the future for us all.

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  1. Rosie April 15, 2016 at 6:03 pm - Reply

    Hi Lorelle,
    You are right and so is the card – the earth is going through a period of transition of energy. The large hadron collider has recommenced a few days ago and is altering the earth’s magnetic field. Additionally there have been twin CME’s from the sun affecting the magnetic field and earth. If you check the last few days of earthquakes on USGS, there have been around 6 unusually large ones which seems to occur when the LHC is running on high power.
    These things all affect how we feel. “Everything is connected”

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