Fairy Tales Do Come True

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I have been reading a book by Lisa Williams, Was That A Sign From Heaven? : How to connect with the Afterlife.  One of the exercises in the book is to write a fairy tale that starts with “Once upon a time” and ends with “and they all lived happily ever after”.  I think Lisa meant it to be a fantasy, but for me fairies are real beings.  So, for me, although this is a fairy tale, dreamed up out of my imagination, it is a tale which I hope becomes a true story, just like my belief in fairies.

Once upon a time, there was life after death, and everyone knew it.

Everyone knew that fairies existed, and they could see them and communicate with them.  Fairy tales were merely stories about another of life’s beings.

In the days of the fairies, unicorns walked the Earth.  No one questioned their right to occupy any space they wanted to, including someone else’s shoes.  (This is a reference to a posting on Facebook, in case you are wondering what I’m talking about. https://www.facebook.com/PhilosophicalAtheism/photos/a.253431698126491.1073741828.253419431461051/1080921235377529/?type=3&theater )

All of the animals, including the unicorns, spread love around the world, as did the humans.

Humans understood that they were just as much love as were the fairies and the unicorns, and were keen to extend their love out into the world, as well.

Love ruled the world.

Humans had no illusions that they were the superior beings, because they understood that, in order to allow love to rule the world, the love of every being on the planet was needed.  Every being had a role to play.  No species was more important than another.  No individual was more important than another.

Mother Earth was happy.  She was loved, and she had no reason to fear any of her occupants.  All she needed to do was to extend her love to all of her charges, as she was created to do.  And she was loved in return.

Humans, animals, fairies, unicorns, and all manner of other beings previously thought of as myths and legends lived in peace and harmony together.  They respected each other and each others’ right to live in peace.  Each species had a role to play to encourage peace to endure on the planet.

Humans, animals, fairies, unicorns and all other beings lived in peace, harmony, love and joy, and they all lived happily ever after.


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