Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

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This morning’s angel message:

Don’t be afraid of the dark.  The darkness is just a lack of light.  There is nothing to fear in the dark.  If you just shine your light on the darkness, the darkness disappears, and there is light once more.

You have sufficient light within yourself to illuminate any situation in which you find yourself, but you may like to join together with others to all shine your light together, wherever you see a lack.

You can always call on us angels and archangels as well.  And the Ascended Masters, particularly Jesus, are adding their light to all the world continually.

So, how do you shine your light in the darkness?

Imagine that you find yourself in a situation that brings fear.  The first thing to do is to acknowledge the fear.  Next, bless the fear, and thank it for trying to keep you safe.  As you bless the fear, you find that your light begins to overcome the darkness.  You find your fear begin to diminish.  Next, think love continuously.  This stops the fear from enveloping you.  If fear begins to return, merely call on us for help.  We will not only keep you safe and offer you guidance to keep you safe, but we will shine our light on the situation as well.

Love conquers all.

You have sufficient love within you, to overcome the darkness in any situation, but with our help, and the help of other humans also shining their light, the fear begins to fade, the darkness is overcome.

Go forth confidently into the world, knowing that you are a child of God, with the light of God shining within you.  Each other person has the same light within, but sometimes we erect blocks to cover our light.  We build a wall to separate ourselves from the light within.  If someone you encounter has built such a wall, shining your light on the them reminds them of their light within.  If a number of you shine your light together on that person, the darkness is overcome.

Each person has free will to keep their wall and remain in the darkness, if they so choose.  But when a number of people shine their light on them, it takes much more effort to retain their wall, and remain in the darkness.

Be a light unto the world.  Shine your light into the darkness.

I know that it is tempting to remain with others of your kind, who also are shining their lights brightly, but your light is then wasted to a certain extent.  When those same people, with whom you like to gather, make a conscious decision to all shine your light in the darkness, the darkness begins to fade.

Will you make a conscious decision today, to join with others of your kind to spread the light among the darkness?

There are many ways you can do this.  You may have already been guided in ways you can do that.

The easiest way, and the first step, is to pray for those who suffer in the darkness.  But action steps always have more impact, because they take the force of the light and move it forward.

If you are unsure of where to shine your light, or who to gather with to spread your light further, ask during meditation and prayer.  The answer will come to you.

Go forth and share your light with the world.  Create a snowball of love which will soon overtake the world.

Your large snowballs are sure to cause those walls of darkness to begin to crumble, exposing more and more of the light in those in the darkness.

Be at peace.  Be in love.  Be the light of the world.  Shine your light on the darkness.  Bring peace and love wherever you go.

Be at peace.

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