Do You Believe In Fairies?

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As you may have guessed from some of my previous blogs, I used to think anyone who believed in fairies was weird.  Although I have no physical proof of their existence, I am now confident that they are real.  Along with Angela, the character in my books, Getting Used To Weird and We Are One, I have become one of those weird people.

Angela had never considered that fairies could be real.  She always thought of them as something out of ‘fairy tales’, a figment of someone’s vivid imagination, a quality she has never really had.  

Angela had been attending a psychic development class, when someone in the class mentioned that dragonflies were helpers for the fairies.  The same teacher was holding a Tarot Reading class, for which Angela needed to buy a Rider Waite deck.  She was in the shop buying the card deck, when on the shelf beside the cards was a book by Doreen Virtue, Healing with the Fairies.  “Bit of a coincidence”, she thought.  When she picked up the cards, she must have bumped the book, because it fell on the floor.  She picked it up, and bought it along with the cards.

This book provided a lot of information about fairies, humans, and our planet.  It explained that fairies are “God’s guardian angels of nature, and they ensure the health and safety of animals, plants and Mother Earth.”

A couple of days later, Angela was walking through the paddock, when she noticed that there were three dragonflies who seemed to be following her about; they moved when she moved and stopped when she stopped. 

She said to the closest one: “What are you doing?” 

She received an answer: “Minding.”

“Minding what?” she asked.

“You”, came the reply.

Naturally, she assumed this was her imagination, but she asked about dragonflies in her meditation that night, and this is the message she received:

“The fairies have asked the dragonflies to look out for you.  They appreciate the help you have given to them for the environment and animals, and wish to try to repay you.  The dragonflies are there to remind you of their love and caring.  You can call on the fairies to help with any of your work with the environment or animals.  The dragonflies can help to lift your spirits, and can provide practical assistance in the outdoors with directions, etc..”

When Angela asked for more information about fairies, she learned that “fairies are your friends.  They are sweet as honey and light as a feather.  They appreciate your love as do all entities this side, but they will take your love and make it grow for you.”

After that, Angela began to notice dragonflies everywhere.  One day she even saw one in the atrium of the local shopping centre.

As Angela began to develop her psychic abilities, she became more confident in talking to all spiritual beings.  One day she was walking through the mangroves, when she plucked up the courage to ask to speak to any fairies in the vicinity. After introducing herself, Patarina, the fairy, gave Angela this advice:

“I wanted to ask that all humans please consider the consequences of your actions.  I know sometimes you are ignorant of the consequences, but many times humans do things without ever even thinking what might happen.  What might happen when you use harsh chemicals that end up in our oceans.  What might happen when your plastic bags blow into the sea.  What might happen when you chop down that tree, when you use up all the world’s resources.  When you do everything you do, consider the effect on the other animals, the other humans, the other beings, who inhabit this beautiful Earth.  Consider the effect on this beautiful Earth.”

Whether or not you believe that the message came from the fairies, I believe this is a message worth heeding.

Just like Angela, I have found dragonflies to be an important part of my life.  There has been one watching me all day today, either hovering or landing on a gladioli stalk, just outside my window.  It is still there as I type this blog.

Is it merely a coincidence that, on days when I complete a major spiritual project, the air is teaming with dragonflies?

I have no physical evidence that fairies exist.  I have no physical evidence that dragonflies are in any way connected to the fairies, but then fairies are not physical beings, so what sort of physical evidence could I have?

Do you believe in fairies?

Have you ever seen a fairy?

What do you think of the advice which Angela received from the fairies?

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