Divine Timing

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Everything happens in divine order, according to divine timing.

If you are like me, you sometimes have difficulty believing this, and even greater difficulty understanding how this can work, if we are all creative beings who create our own reality.

Yet I know that this is true, not only for me but for all of us.

The choices that we make lead us down a certain path in the appleorange.  If you have read Home With God, by Neale Donald Walsch, you will understand what I mean by that.

The appleorange is a metaphor used to describe the now in the space/time continuum.

The apple part of the appleorange describes our physical lives, and our journey through it is similar to that of a worm burrowing its way through the apple.

On the other side of our physical deaths, we pass through the core to the orange part of the metaphor, which represents our spiritual lives.  Our spiritual lives are so different to our physical lives, and so incomprehensible to our physical selves, that the metaphor required a different fruit for that part of our lives.

Although every experience is already there in the present moment, we experience ourselves moving through this space/time continuum, and we have different choices that we encounter along this journey, which can take us in different directions through the apple part of the appleorange.

Yet, every choice leads us in a direction towards our core, which is where God resides.  We may take a round-about circuitous route, but we always reach it at our physical deaths.

If we are awake, we don’t have to wait till our physical deaths to find God; we see God wherever we look.

If we are awake, we understand that we have a lot of help to aid us in making the best choices which will continue to take us down the path which our higher selves wish us to take.

If we are awake, we understand that, no matter which direction we turn, the apple through which we pass has been designed to provide us with the best possible version of whatever we choose for ourselves.  This is one reason that in my early days of communicating with the higher realms, I often heard the advice: “Be careful what you wish for; you may just get it.”

Although everything is always happening in divine order, we still have free will, so we do need to be careful what we wish for.

We may not know the consequences of our choices, but God does, and God and her angels are always looking out for us, making sure that, no matter what our choices, we are receiving them in the best possible way for our highest good.

However, it is possible that some of our choices can lead to pain and suffering, for both ourselves and others.  Yet, if we use love as the means for make any decisions, and use love to act towards helping realise those decisions, we can minimise that pain and suffering.

The other thing that we can do is to listen to our higher selves.

Our higher selves communicate with us through our feelings and through meditation.

When we listen to our higher selves during meditation, our ego voices are quietened, allowing us to hear what our higher selves would have us know.

We can learn to follow our feelings, and these will always lead us in the direction of our higher selves’ choices.

We do have to be careful, however, that we are following our true feelings and not the emotions created by our egos.

For instance, if we have always been a people pleaser, we may choose a course of action purely to please others, even though that course of action causes us to feel bad.  Rather than making that choice based on love for ourselves or the other person, that choice has been made using fear.

Similarly, if we choose a course of action when we are angry, we are not choosing with love, but anger, which, in the long run, also amounts to fear – usually fear of being hurt again.

If you are following your true feelings, they will always lead to joy.  If you are following your true feelings, your choices will always be made with love, not fear.

The other thing I have started doing is to always ask for God’s will to be done.  I know that God and my higher self are one.  If I ask for God’s will to be done, I know that I am more likely to make choices in accordance with the will of God, which is also my true will.

This is also the practice of millions of Muslims, who say “insha’Allah” (if Allah wills it) after any declaration of intention for the future.  What many fail to appreciate, however, is that we still have free will to choose against what Allah wills, and our free will choices will only be aligned with Allah’s will if we make them with love, and act on them with love.

If we ask the question: “What would love do now?” when focusing on love, we are more likely to make decisions in accordance with our higher selves.  However, as I have discovered, if we are asking what love would do, while at the same time feeling fear of making an incorrect decision, chances are we will make an incorrect decision.

Here, too, meditation will help.  It allows us to come back to the present moment, where only love resides.  Fear only rears its ugly head when we are remembering something which happened in the past, or worrying about something that may happen in the future.  In the present moment there is only love.

The appleorange represents the present moment which is only love, but we have free will to choose to see something other than love there.

However, if we choose with love, every step down the path through the time tunnel in our space/time continuum becomes a step down the tunnel of love.

Everything is happening in divine order and in divine timing, but we have free will whether we wish to see it like that or not.


Image from Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards app (Doreen Virtue PhD).

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