Isn’t It Hard Being Vegan?

I wasn’t always vegan.  I know all of the excuses for not being vegan, because I used most of them myself:  “We were designed to eat meat.  I need meat, dairy and eggs to get my protein.  I need milk to get my calcium.  It’s too hard to find anything vegan to eat.  One person can’t make a difference.” When I let go of these excuses, I discovered the evidence

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Our Lungs

I travelled to Adelaide and back to Brisbane by plane last week, and as I flew overhead and looked out at the scenery, I was disturbed to see the amount of natural bushland which had been cleared to make way for farmland.  Whilst I saw some large tracts of bushland still remaining, there was a lot more removed than there was remaining. I know we read that our lifestyle and

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Animals – What Are They Good For?

Last week my blog discussed our cruelty to animals and the guilt that that caused us to feel, whether we recognise it or not.  This week, I wanted to remind everyone just how important animals are to our welfare, In the past, we have only considered animals of importance if we had some way to use them for our benefit.  This is the way that the ego looks at everything:

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Peace = No More Guilt

It has been a while since I wrote a blog about animals, and I felt the urge today to make that up to them. The more we think about animals, the more we consider our cruel treatment of them.  The more that we consider our cruel treatment of animals, the more we can understand that the problems which we face in our lives and in our world are merely a

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A great woman, Sojourner Truth, was born into slavery in New York State around 1797, with the name Isabella Baumfree. At the age of nine, she was separated from her family when she was sold to another owner.  As a slave, she had no rights.  Even her husband was chosen for her.  Her children were not hers, but her owners, to do with as he chose. Sojouner escaped slavery in

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Why I Am Vegan

Being peace to bring peace. I have not always been a vegan, even though I had known about the cruelty involved in the factory farming system for 20 years or so.  For a while I was what I would call a pseudo-vegetarian.  I was mostly vegetarian, but I still ate fish.  I wasn’t committed to vegetarianism, because I believed that one person couldn’t make a difference.  I even started reintroducing

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