Be At Peace With Your Emotions

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duck flapping wings

Here is the angel message from earlier in the week:

Peace comes from within.  Love comes from within as well, but also it surrounds you.  If you need more love all you have to do is breathe it in.

Peace and love are what you are.  You are made in the spiritual image and likeness of God – peace and love.

There is no way for you to be made in the physical image and likeness of God, except in the broadest sense, in that every physical thing is an image of God, and therefore you are too.

You don’t have to do anything to be peace and love, except be your true self.  There is nothing you need to change, except to let go of illusions which you have created.

Love is all around you, and you only need breathe it in, but you can breathe it out as well.

As you were created in the spiritual image and likeness of God, you were created as a creator, able to create and extend your love, just as God has done in creating you.  Imagine what you could do, as you extend your love out into the universe.  You create a lasting legacy of love for all to bear witness to.

Although you have an ego, it is nothing to be afraid of.  Ego is not a dirty word.  Your ego was created so that you could live comfortably in the world of duality.  It allows you to experience contrasts and shadows.  You also experience contrasts and shadows within yourself.

Life is a rich tapestry of feelings and experiences.  Without an ego, your tapestry would be rather bland.  Your ego allows you to feel the textures, and note the highs and lows of the tapestry.  However, appreciating the tapestry doesn’t mean that you have to step into it.

You can appreciate all of the ups and downs in your life, without allowing the illusions to deflect you from your experience of peace and love.

As you live in this world of here and there, of up and down, it is normal for you to experience shadows within your own being – places where the light has been temporarily hidden from view.  There is no need to fear these shadows, only to send them love.  With love, your shadows are no longer shadows, but extensions of the light.

Let me give you an example: say that you feel angry at someone one day.  You know, from your lessons, that your anger is just a way for your higher self to let you know that you are thinking in a way that is not in keeping with its wishes.  Yet, anger is a natural emotion.  It is only when we stuff down our anger because we are afraid of letting it out, that it is compounded.  Later, it surfaces as rage, which is not a natural emotion.

Far better to let the anger out, to acknowledge it as a natural emotion, and to send love to all concerned, including yourself.

Your anger doesn’t need to be directed at someone.  The real cause of your anger is your feeling of separation from your source, which is only an illusion.  You can never be separated from your source of love and light.

The illusion is what creates the shadow, but your shadow is nothing to fear, but to be loved.

Your natural emotion of anger allows you to feel the fire inside, which incites action in you to achieve goals, which you may not otherwise have achieved.

In fact, all of your shadows are part of the spectrum of love.  If you suppress your shadow side, often it leads to your suppressing the more loving side of that emotion.  You can end up closing your heart, in order to suppress your shadows, and find that you have suppressed your love as well.

Far better to express every emotion as it arises, but express it in a way which radiates love into the world.

Say you are angry at your partner for something he has done, your anger is really an expression of your separation from source.

You can go outside and let out a scream, or punch a pillow, or go for a jog.  Flap your wings, just as ducks do, after they have a short altercation on the lake.  They do this to release their negative energy, and then return to their loving authentic nature.

Love is the answer to all questions.

When you come back from flapping your wings, if you need more information about how to proceed, just ask what love would do now.

Sometimes the answer is to take some sort of action, which will help you to alleviate any future anger.  If you were a duck, perhaps you might need to fly to a different lake.  For you, it might mean to act to change some injustice in the world.

But remember that everyone has free will to change or not.  You can point out a need to change with love, but it is up to each individual to decide.

In the meantime, focus on the love which rests within you, and share that love with all concerned.

Love can move mountains.  You are love, so you can move mountains, if you believe it so.

Have faith in your ability to be a loving, peaceful child of God.  You can always ask God and the angels for help in any of your endeavours.

As you send your love out into the world, you remind others of the love within themselves, and love grows all around you.

Be at peace with all of your emotions, and your life will be a peaceful life.  You are peace, and you can achieve a peaceful life, when you focus on the peace and love within yourself and every being on the planet.

Be at peace.

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