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I was downloading information from my angels yesterday, and they said that I could include that information in my blog if I wanted to, but that I might think of something that I wanted to write about instead.

What came to mind was that, rather than hearing what I am learning from my angels, you might be interested in finding out how to connect with your angels yourself.

Although there are some people who managed to maintain their abilities to communicate telepathically with spiritual beings since childhood, most of us were encouraged to give up this form of communication at an early age.  For those of us falling into the second group, this is a skill that has to be relearned.

Like any new skill, it is usually learned gradually.  You start with the basics and then build up to a greater proficiency.

Although I give this information in my book, Getting Used to Weird, as this book hasn’t yet been published, I thought I would give you a bit of a clue in this blog.  Getting Used to Weird relates the story of my character, Angela, who had remarkably similar experiences to mine.

Just like Angela, I started awakening when I started learning a form of energy healing, called Quantum Bioenergetics.  It was at this energy healing workshop that I had a form of attunement, during which, the person carrying out this procedure for me told me that there were angels standing around waiting to talk to me.

Shortly after this workshop, I went to see an intuitive consultant, a psychic, who told me the same thing: there were angels waiting to talk to me, and there was a book on my shelf that would help me.

The book was Ask Your Angels by Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie and Andrew Ramer.  This book gave exercises, in very simple terms, which would allow me to increase my vibration sufficiently to talk to my angels.

The book takes you through the GRACE process: grounding, releasing, aligning, conversing, and enjoying.

‘Grounding’ is important.  We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and to maintain our connection to the physical, it is best to carry out a grounding exercise, which connects the energy body to Mother Earth, to the ground.

‘Releasing’ is equally important, or perhaps even more so.  There are a number of issues which stand in the way of our connecting with our angels.  Chief among mine was fear.  I had fear of the unknown, but also fears instilled in me by our Christian society, and by movies like The Exorcist, and The Exorcism of Emily Rose.  I first needed to release these fears, along with my feelings of unworthiness, before I was able to communicate with the angels.

‘Aligning’ exercises helped me to raise my vibration to one much closer to that of the angels, so that I was able to hear their messages.  These exercises were similar to tuning a radio to receive the stations.  Otherwise, I could be listening and they could be talking, but I wouldn’t be picking up their frequency.

‘Conversing’ was slow at first, and a little troubling.  How could I tell which messages were coming from the angels, and which ones were coming from my ego mind?

With lots of meditation practice, this does get easier, but even today, after lots of wonderful conversations, it often comes down to faith.  Following raising my vibration and having the intention to quiet my ego mind in order to hear the messages of the angels, I have faith that it is the angels’ messages that I hear.  But I know, too, that even though the angels’ messages may not always be what I am wanting to hear, they are always delivered with love.

In the early days, I had a few conversations which I was never quite sure about, and you may experience this as well.  If so, why not ask the angels for clarification on any points that are troubling you, and for confirmation from other sources.  They understand that we are learning a whole new method of communication, that our society has told us is either impossible or downright dangerous.

The ‘enjoying’ naturally follows, but the conversations are much more enjoyable when we have confidence in our abilities.

Any conversations with the angels, who are beings of pure joy (another name for love), are, by definition, enjoyable.  The problems arise when we allow our ego minds to get in the way, and this is why a meditation practice is so important.  Meditation allows us to learn to quiet the ego mind, at least a little bit, enough to allow the voices of our higher self, our angels and guides, and God, to come through.

After learning to speak to my angels, I found that other spiritual entities introduced themselves to me.  My spirit guides, a Light Being, Jesus, Mother Mary, God, and even a fairy, all spoke to me during my meditation, while my ego mind was quiet.

I found that writing their messages, as they came through, allowed me to bypass my logical mind to a certain extent, which otherwise would have tried to tell me that I was making this all up.  I know this thought is common among all those who begin to listen to messages from beyond the veil.

I discovered that if I started to doubt the origins of the messages, the origins of the messages were more likely to be doubtful.  And when I thought ‘love’ often and had confidence in my abilities, the messages were much more likely to be messages from a loving source.

After my confidence in transcribing messages improved somewhat, Jesus came with exercises to help me improve my confidence even more.  He was helping me prepare for the in-depth conversations I was about to have with God about the major religions.  The similar conversations, which my character, Angela, had with God, became part of my second book, We Are One.

There has been a lot of controversy recently about a well-known figure in the spiritual, new age, angel community, who seemed to change her beliefs about spiritual matters and left many of her followers floundering.  It is my belief that everything happens in divine order, and that this is no exception.

The time is right now for the followers of this spiritual teacher to begin to have their own communications with the angels, their guides and their God.  It is time now to let go of the coat-tails of the spiritual teachers and learn to fly on your own.

If we are to create a world of peace and love, we can use all the help that we can get, and communicating with our spiritual helpers and God makes it a lot easier to enlist this help, and to follow their advice.

Why not give it a try?  Your life will be more joyful as a result.

I would love to hear about your experiences.

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