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Photograph courtesy of Pea Horsley, Animal Communicator.

I told you last week that I would let you know how I got on at the animal communication workshop I attended for 5 days this week.

Coolah Place, where the workshop was held, was literally divine; Pea’s teaching style allowed us to improve our confidence as we practised our communication skills; and the other students were very loving and supportive.

Naturally, the stars of the course were the guest teachers.  We had a cat, a poodle, 2 greyhounds, a guinea pig, a horse, a cockatoo, a python, a chicken, a great dane, and a labrador/boxer cross.  We were also surrounded by many wild birds who all wanted to have their say, too.

There was much wisdom shared.

Pusukin, the cat, suggested that we be calm more often, that we stop judging others, and that we smell the roses.

Trevor, the guinea pig, when asked about his life purpose, told me:
“My mission is to be a conduit to humans.  Rodents are not to be used by humans as a means to an end.   We are real beings with real feelings.  We have value.  Guinea pigs will tell you that if you listen.”

Mister Cooper, the greyhound said:
“I am here to live every moment.  I don’t think of the future or worry about the past.  I love, I live, I am.”

Both he and Lovely Lucy were able to tell us the kind of forever home they wished to have.  The key ingredient was love, something they saw very little of when they were part of the greyhound racing industry.

Dougal, the Darwin python, was asked how he felt about some humans’ perception of snakes. He replied:
“Humans should avoid areas where snakes live, and leave us in peace, but they go to our habitat and wonder why we appear there.  Be open to co-existence of all species and you have nothing to fear.  When asked his view of human-snake interaction, he asked us to “be open to receiving signs from us.  We appear to you with a message.  Be open to receive our messages.  Do not be afraid.”

Sophie, the chicken, had much wisdom for us during our lessons about empowering animals.  These are some of the questions we asked, with the answers I received from her.

What do you want the world to know?
“I want the world to know just how beautiful the world is, just as it is.  You don’t need to try to change everything and dominate everything.  Just enjoy it, enjoy scratching in the earth, nestling into her, being one with her, just as we are.”

How can chickens empower humans?
“I can help you be grounded, but I can help you take flight.  I can fly when I need to, just as you can.  We can fly together in our dreams.  Don’t settle for less than you can be.”

What is chicken’s role in sharing messages from the bird kingdom?
“We are one, so messages are easily passed between us.  Having one foot in the bird kingdom and one foot in the human kingdom allows us to help you, and to translate bird messages for you.”

How can we help chickens?

You can do what you are doing here, and learn to communicate with us.  Once you have felt the love in my heart for humans, do you still want to eat me?  We are love, you and I; we are one.  You are a chicken in human skin, and I am a human with feathers.

Do you have a message for humans about how we treat the Earth?
“No.  I have said to nestle into the Earth.  Just as you learned to love chickens, you can learn to love the Earth.  Love will make you stop and think before you act, hopefully.”

I then asked Sophie for her empowering message just for me.
“Don’t be afraid to fly.  It can be scary at first, but you will land safely, and experience things you never experienced before.”

My abilities to hear the animals’ messages improved throughout the course, and I was so grateful to receive their messages.

The rest of the students in the class received amazing responses too, and I would love it if any of my fellow students wanted to share those which moved them, in the comments area below.  I was awe-struck with the similarity amongst many of the answers, but the animals seemed able to answer on a number of different levels at once.

I enjoyed this course so much.  I would certainly recommend it to everyone.  We can all benefit from a greater ability to communicate with the animals.  Once we have learned this skill, which is based on a transfer of love from heart to heart, we cannot help but hold all of the animals in greater respect.

Have you learned to communicate with the animals?  Have you received any messages you would like to share?


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