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One of the challenges from Billie Dean’s 30 Days of Spiritual Wildness (the course I mentioned a couple of weeks ago) has been to write a few pages in a notebook when first awakening.  I was having trouble filling the pages on that first day, so I asked my angels for some help.  I found that I connected to them in a way that I hadn’t done in a long time, and then previously only during meditation.  Once the precedent was set, I have carried on asking them for messages on most days.  I thought you might be interested to hear some of the angels’ messages.

Your heart is open when you first awaken.  Your heart’s focus will always be love.

Love is like a high mountain.  It is always there in front of you, obvious and beautiful to behold.  It can sometimes look intimidating, but when you start to climb it, you find that it is a gentle slope and an easy grade.  You just have to put one foot in front of the other. 

The mountains of love are endless.  Some are invisible, but there to climb, nonetheless.  At the peak of each one is a new experience of joy, of ecstasy, with the promise of greater heights ahead.  There is nothing to fear in the climb, as there are many travelling companions with you, both visible and invisible.  But the mountain of love is alive and helping you along, as well.  Don’t look back and don’t look down.  Make your own path through the mountains of love, and live in joy and love forever.


You are the author of your life, just as you are the author of your three pages.  You have much help with both your life and your pages, but they are your words, your life.  You are a child of God, and can create the world and your life into a world and a life that you wish to create, but you cannot do it alone.  Your life, like your world, is made up of relationships, and it is your relationships which weave the fabric of your life and of your world.  If you put love into your relationships, your life and your world will be beautiful to behold.

One day I woke up looking into the eyes of beautiful Cassie, our Doberman.

  I wonder how people who look after a lot of animals and form attachments to them can bear to watch many of them die, whether it is by natural causes or not.  Even knowing that there is no such thing as death, I would think that all of these goodbyes must take their toll.  How do you watch so many loved ones die, even when you know that souls choose the time of their deaths?


You know that there is no such thing as death, so why would a number of deaths take their toll?


Because of the lack of the physical body to cuddle, for one.  The physical body also keeps your thoughts focused on that being when you’re with them, in a way that subtle energy presence may not.


No, Lorelle, but the being can be with you in an instant.  Just think of them and they are there.


Ok.  I am thinking of Tiddles.  I used to feel her loving energy after she passed.  Not for a long time now though.


No, Lorelle, she has moved on to other things, but she is available if you really need her.


Need is not the right word.  It would be nice to have a pussy cat, and she was a sweet loving pussy cat towards the end.


Yes, she was, Lorelle.  After she got over the loss of her mother.


(This was a surprise to me.  Tiddles was still a suckling baby when she and her mother appeared in our acreage property.  The neighbours didn’t know where they had come from, any more than we did.  When Tiddles was just a few months old, her mother disappeared, never to be seen again.  We never knew her mother’s fate.  For the first 10 years of her life, Tiddles’ name was Little Shit, because that was how she acted.  For the last 10 years of her life, she had a different name, because she had become a loving cat.  This was a long time ago, before I had any idea that one could communicate telepathically with other species.)


You don’t think she was mourning for 10 years do you?


No, Lorelle, but she did mourn, just as all physical beings do.  Even though they, too, understand that, after a physical death, the being is only a thought away, they still miss the physical presence of their loved ones.


Angels, I’m not so happy any more, because I am remembering all the animals whose babies are stolen from them – all the dairy cows who lose their babies so that we can have milk, and all the sheep whose babies are taken to slaughter.  All the babies who spend their last hours in a cold scary place.  All the babies who die in pain and fear.


I will share this, angels, in the hope that others may, all of a sudden, understand that animals  not only feel physical pain, as any scientist would tell you, but they also feel emotional pain.


How can we, as one species, decide that we have a right to cause physical and emotional pain to other species?


Angels, others might cite the lion who takes down the baby buffalo, causing emotional and physical pain to another species.


Yes, Lorelle, they might, but they do not understand what happens in the wild.  You know that there is telepathy between species.  You have practised telepathy with other species yourself.


These predators only take the ones who are ready to pass.


I don’t think their parents would agree.


No, Lorelle.  Their parents are like you, knowing that there is no such thing as death, yet still wishing to keep their beloved with them in physical form.  But there is a soul to soul connection between predator and prey, which used to happen between man and his prey in traditional societies.


Humans have lost the ability to communicate telepathically, and the ability to feel the empathy which predator species feel for their prey.  They may take a loved one from the herd, but they do it with love – usually.  Even in the animal kingdom, there are occasions when thoughts for the individual self overwhelm thoughts for the greater Self, but not often.


Usually the predator animal is in connection with the All, when she takes her prey.  This connection with the All, with God, allows her to feel empathy for, not only her chosen prey, but its family as well.  This empathy allows her to honour the prey animal even as she offers it to her own family as nourishment.


How many humans even say grace any more – honouring the food which God has provided for them, let alone honouring the animal and its family members?


Going vegan allows you to know that you are not causing harm to any other sentient being in any conscious way.  Of course, you may be causing harm in a number of unconscious ways, and that is a message for another day.


As you have learned, it is best to offer a small prayer of gratitude before you eat, and you might like to tell your readers the prayer you use before each meal (when you don’t forget, which is quite often).


“Thank you God for this wonderful meal.  Thank you for the plants which have given of their fruit and of their lives, so that I may eat.  Thank you for the people who have grown them, harvested and picked them, processed them, shipped them, and sold them.  And for the person (usually me) who has cooked them.”

This morning’s message was worth sharing too.

Life is full of responsibilities, but also full of fun.  The problem is when we make fun into a responsibility and then we stop having fun.


We start things in life – from jobs to hobbies – because we think we will enjoy them.  But we forget why we are going there. We are going there to enjoy ourselves.  If we start to think of it as just another thing we have to do, we forget to enjoy ourselves.


It is time now to remember why we are doing what we are doing, and enjoy the process.


Angels, would you like to talk to me this morning?


No, Lorelle.  You’re doing fine this morning.


I would like some of your profound messages.


I know, but that is the problem.  You want to take life too seriously.  You want profound messages, when sometimes it is not profound messages that you need.


Sometimes you need a very light-hearted message.  Sometimes you need a joke.  Sometimes you need to recapture your joie de vivre.




By doing what you were just doing – by remembering, not only why you started that job or that hobby, but remembering why you came into physical form in the first place. 


Yes, you all have a life purpose, and sometimes that life purpose can be a very serious purpose, but always the main reason for your becoming physical was to have fun – to enjoy life.


How can we recapture our sense of fun, of enjoyment?


You are doing it now, Lorelle. 


Writing from your heart and from your angels every morning reminds you who you really are.  When you remember who you really are, you remember that you are a child of God, and that you have the power within you to, not only achieve your life purpose, no matter how serious, but also to enjoy life in the process.  There is no point achieving your life purpose if you haven’t enjoyed your life in the process, because then you have failed to achieve the main purpose of your life – to enjoy life.


Sometimes it is easier said than done.


Yes, Lorelle, but you know that you can always call on us for help.  Whilst it is not our role to tell you jokes, we can if you like.


What did the rabbi say to the priest?


I don’t know.


Become the best that you can be, become the person of your dreams, but remember that life is meant to be fun. 


Remember that life is like a box of chocolates.  There is no point having a box of chocolates and allowing it to sit there and melt.  You have to get in and enjoy it, before life becomes a sticky mess.  But if it does become a sticky mess, you can still enjoy the chocolates.  They are just as tasty in the melted form, as they were before they melted, just a bit more interesting mix of flavours.


You are not very good with the jokes.


I know.  Have fun, have love.

Sorry about the joke, folks.  It seemed to lack a punchline, but they did tell me that telling jokes wasn’t their role.  In an effort to ensure that we are having fun in life, perhaps some of you reading this have a joke that you would like to share.  If you are doubting your abilities at joke telling, remember the angels’ efforts.  Yours would have to be better.  (No offence, angels.)


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