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This blog has been percolating inside me for weeks now, and I thought it was time now to get it out.

We have two of these bushes in our yard, which have been covered in these flowers for weeks now. I was so moved by the fact that these flowers were heaving with all manner of insects. There were European bees, native Australian bees (tiny wee black ones with no sting), wasps of different varieties, and butterflies, all flying around these two bushes and partaking of their nectar and pollen. There were also a few wattle birds flying in and out on occasion, taking the last of the berries the trees had been providing. (I would have liked to be able to get better photos or a video, but photographing wildlife has never been one of my strong suits.)

I started to think about the abundance that just these two bushes demonstrated. They were providing food for so many creatures for weeks on end. None of these creatures were fighting each other. Yes, there was competition for the available food, but everyone seemed to understand that there was enough for everyone.

That afternoon, I went to the nearby lagoon, where I saw swans, ducks and pelicans, all finding their food of choice within its waters.

Later that afternoon, while I was getting my washing off the line, a ladybird landed on my hand. I gently placed the small creature on the grass out of the way, and carried on with the task at hand. A second later, the ladybird returned to my hand. I knew then that this was definitely a sign.

To me, the ladybird has always been a symbol of abundance. She was wanting to let me know that abundance is all around us. There is evidence of it everywhere.

I knew that the message of abundance was clear from all these scenes, but how could we apply this message to our human lives?

All of these creatures are fed naturally by the world around them. Yes, they may have to search out sources of food, but they know that food will be provided for them.

There is no sense of lack amongst these creatures. There is only faith that God will provide, just as God provides for the sparrow in the Bible.

We all have different needs and different talents, and each one of us is a vital cog in the wheel of human life. Each one of us contributes to the abundance in the world, and each one of us can partake of the abundance it offers. At least in an ideal situation.

In the New Spirituality, the new world order which is coming to our Earth, everyone will respect each other and everyone will look out for each other. When we realise that there is enough for everyone, we are willing to share our good fortune with others less fortunate than ourselves.

Most of us are wary of sharing too much, because we have learned that we have to put something aside for a rainy day; we have to make sure we don’t give too much away to others, just in case a catastrophe strikes tomorrow, and we need that little bit extra.

Jesus’ message in the Bible was not to worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will take care of itself. With enough faith in our abilities as manifestors, and in God and the universe to provide all of our desires, we could do as Jesus asks of his followers to sell all of our possessions to give to the poor and follow him. Not to follow his physical journey, but his spiritual journey of loving God and loving our fellow human as ourselves.

As we haven’t yet learned to have such faith in God and the universe, or in our ability to manifest our desires, we have to take it slowly – one small, brave step at a time.

What can we do today to acknowledge the abundance in our lives and to share it with others? It may not be material abundance that we share, but it could be our knowledge, our time, or our love.

If we can feel gratitude for the abundance in our lives, such that we feel we have sufficient to share with others, the universe feels it also, allowing more abundance to come to us.

May God bless you and keep you and shower you in the abundance you desire, whilst providing you with the faith to share that abundance with others.

What are your thoughts on Abundance?


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