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I love trees, particularly big old gum trees.

The other day I was walking along a bush path in a local reserve, stepping over fallen branches and small trees as I went.  I began to contemplate how it is that so many branches, and even trees, fall down, without hurting anyone who happens to be walking along the paths.  Sometimes even huge branches and large gum trees have ended up across these walking paths, which are fairly well frequented, but I had never heard about anyone being struck by one.

I wondered whether the trees have some control over when they drop their branches, and because we are all one, whether they are able to know when the best time to drop a branch would be.   I supposed that entire trees in wet soil, which are toppled by strong winds, might have somewhat less control.

It reminded me of another occasion which reinforced the idea that we are all connected.

Cassie and I were out for our afternoon walk.  I was beginning to get annoyed with Cassie because she was spending an inordinate amount of time sniffing along the sides, where other dogs had marked their territory.  I don’t mind waiting for a little while, but my patience wears thin after that.  We moved a bit further forwards, and then had to stop again for more sniffing.

I was about to get annoyed with Cassie when, just up ahead, an old dead pine tree crashed down across the path we were walking on.  Instead of getting annoyed then, I was thanking Cassie for delaying us.  If she hadn’t done, I might not be alive to tell the tale.

I knew it was no coincidence that yesterday in my Facebook newsfeed, I saw two articles about trees.  These articles supported my idea that trees are a lot more aware of their surroundings than people think, and indeed interact with their environment in ways unsuspected by those walking past.

This all started me thinking about those people who are hurt by falling branches and trees.

If you believe that everything happens in divine order, as I do, you may consider that those people who are killed or injured by falling trees had some sort of soul contract which meant that it was their time to leave this plane, or they needed to embark on a learning journey which involved being injured.  When we really understand that we are all one and we start viewing life from a soul’s perspective, we start to understand that the person leaving this plane, or the person being injured, may be doing it to help a loved one with a life lesson, or in order for another being to have a particular experience, which is only possible because of those particular circumstances.

Yet, I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I was walking that path where the tree fell, without Cassie.  I know that I have learned to communicate telepathically with other beings, but that has only been when my ego mind is quiet.  On that day, at that time, my ego mind was busy thinking that Cassie should hurry up and move along.

Could it be that those who are injured or killed by falling trees or branches are unable to hear the tree’s message to take a detour, to stop, or to stay home in bed that day?

But then I realised that we are all one.  Not just Cassie and the tree, but everything and everyone.

If I was not meant to be hit by a tree that day, there would be some other distraction, some other being who would intervene.  I might become fascinated by a butterfly; perhaps a friend may call, thus delaying my departure; the rain might start to fall, sending me scurrying for cover.

If we can embrace this idea that we are all connected, and that everything happens exactly as it should, we may start to lose our fear of being alive and our fear of death, and really start to live our lives and live happily ever after.

This does not mean that we can abdicate responsibility for the consequences of our actions.  We each have free will choices, and those choices affect the lives of many beings.  What it does mean, however, is that, regardless of the outcome of those consequences, the universe has a way to make it turn out for the best for all concerned, even if only on a spiritual level.

I would love to hear your ideas about this.

Do you think trees may be able to decide when to drop their branches?

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

I would love to hear about your experiences with trees, too.

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