The Power Of The Tiger

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tiger walking

I had seen this video on facebook yesterday showing a mountain lion outside someone’s sliding glass door, looking in and playing with the cat inside.

I had a dream last night with a similar scene, but the tiger, which had escaped from somewhere, was inside my home looking out the glass door.  I went and hid in a bedroom with the sliding wooden door firmly closed behind me.  I heard on the radio that many people were complaining because they wanted the authorities to do something, because this wasn’t the first tiger to have escaped; there had been a series of them.

I thought nothing more of this dream until my meditation this morning, when it all started to make sense to me.

One of my power animals is Anunya, the tiger.  Her message to me has always been that I have power as an individual.  Although my other power animal, Lila, the chimpanzee, teaches me, among other things, the joys of social activity and joint efforts, Anunya reminds me that I have no need of the good opinion of others, and that I am a very powerful being just on my own.

I knew, when I heard about the number of tigers escaping and that they had appeared to other people and not just me, that this dream had a message for us all and not just for me.

The message of the dream seemed to be a confirmation of the main theme of Doreen Virtue’s Angel Card reading for this week.

The 8 of Thought/Air/Swords in Tarot is about us feeling that we are being held back or restricted by something beyond our power to control.  The message of the card is that the restriction is all in our minds.  There is nothing stopping us except ourselves.

Also, did you notice that, during the reading, Doreen said the card for the weekend was the 2 of Abundance, but in fact it was the 5 of Abundance, which gives the message which she spoke about?

Without realising it, Doreen was giving us an extra message from the angels.  Twos are always about choices, but the added message of the 2 of Abundance is that you can enjoy your work and make it more fun.

Taking into account the ideas from Doreen’s reading, the dream’s message is thus:

You are a powerful being but you are allowing something to stop you from following your dream.  At the moment all you can do is sit and look out at what your life might be like, if you followed your dream.  It is fear that keeps you hiding in that bedroom.

Just like the tiger in the dream, you don’t belong in captivity.  It is in the tiger’s nature to be free, as it is in our nature.  Although we can ask for help from a friend, as the 5 of Abundance suggests to us, we first have to find the power of the tiger within ourselves.  We have to open that sliding door and escape the illusion of restrictions that we have placed before us.

As with the 2 of Abundance, we have a choice to make.  We can choose our life, safe on the inside where we are just as much in captivity as the tiger had been in its zoo, or we can escape captivity and be free to find enjoyment and fun in our work.

Only after we have found the power of the tiger within ourselves and escaped our illusion of restrictions, can we enlist the aid of a friend or wise person to help us with our dream.  First we have to be free.

Not everyone will understand that you, like the tiger, need to be free.  Some will expect you to conform and expect society to put you back into your cage.  But you can take heart from the fact that other tigers have escaped before you.  Others have left their bonds behind them and found freedom in their true calling.

You can also take heart from the power that you have within you.  You don’t need others to set you free.  Just like the tigers which escaped on their own, you, too, have all of the resources that you need, on your own.

Once you have opened that sliding door and let go of those self-imposed restrictions, you will find there are many available who can help you, including your angels, spirit guides and your power animals.

I was also reminded of the card reading I did for this week:

“Remember the children this weekend, and the consequences of your actions to the world that we will leave them.  Love is the answer to all questions this weekend, as always.”

When we are looking for the courage to open that door and move forward, what better incentive than to focus on the service that we can be to the world of the future.  Without your contribution, the world will be lacking something.


I know what I have been hiding from in that bedroom – the publication of my first book.  I know there are parts of the book which will be embarrassing to me.  I know that my soul would like me to release the conditioning of my family and society and bring a different point of view into the world.  But fear is holding me back.

If you are reading this, you, too, have something which your soul wishes you to do.  You, too, can be a tiger, as I now intend to be.  Won’t you join me in my escape from the captivity of our conditioning?  Won’t you join me in creating a better world for the children?



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