Talk To The Animals, Learn Their Languages

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View from back of holiday house at feeding time.

View from back of holiday house at feeding time.

I had expected to post a message saying that there wouldn’t be a blog this week, as I would be away.  However, luckily I have found a minute or two to write a few words which may pass as a blog, if you have an open mind.

I am currently staying in a beautiful holiday house at Cooroibah, an area west of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.  For the next 5 days I will be attending a seminar, just up the road, with Pea Horsley, the author of Heart to Heart and The Animal Communicator’s Guide Through Life, Loss, and Love.

I am so looking forward to relearning the lessons I learned a couple of years ago, when I attended her weekend beginners’ course on the Gold Coast.  This time I will be experiencing 3 more days of more advanced classes.  Hopefully by the time I’m finished, I will be well equipped to help all animals in the future.

As Pea’s first book suggests, the key to animal communication is to get in touch with the animal’s heart through your own heart.

Having learned Pea’s techniques during her course, and followed that with Billie Dean’s Level 1 & 2 online courses, you would think that I would be an expert by now.  Unfortunately what I found is that, the forces of our modern world, not only are not conducive to animal communication, but are a hindrance to it.

We learn from an early age to ignore the messages we receive through our hearts and only trust the messages we receive through our intellect.  Our modern world focuses all of our attention on our intellectual mind, and pays little attention to the communications we receive through our feelings, from and through our higher selves.

What I found is that the intellectual ego mind tells us that such telepathic communication is not possible, and actively sabotages the process.  It offers its own answers to questions directed at animals and intently tries to ensure that we lose all confidence in our telepathic communication abilities.

Our egos wish to ensure that we believe in separation, not only from other species but also from God.  Our egos fear losing control.  They know that this is what would happen when we realise that we are one with our creator and all of her creation, and allow ourselves to experience that.

It is this oneness which makes telepathic communication possible.

So, here I am spending 5 days of my short holiday, hoping to quiet my ego mind and relearn the oneness of all species.

I will let you know next week how I got on.


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