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For my homework for for my French class, I had to write a short essay under the above title (Who am I?), which was supposed to be an article for a blog.

This was the hardest thing I had ever had to write.  It is hard enough to write about oneself in one’s native language, but having to translate it into a foreign language is really difficult.  When writing about some subjects, you tend to find some vocabulary that you already know, that is close enough to what you are trying to say.  But when you are talking about yourself, you tend to want to find the perfect words to describe yourself, so in a foreign language you have to stretch the vocabulary somewhat.

The other problem is that most of us have learned that we shouldn’t talk about ourselves.

I can understand this.  Once the ego gets started in talking about itself, it doesn’t want to stop.  It wants to let everyone know how special it is – how much better than everyone else.

However, we are all special.  We are each here on this planet with a mission in life, and often that mission involves being heard or seen by others.  It is impossible for a singer, for instance, to hide her face and never be heard.  Similarly, if each of us is going to contribute to the betterment of our society and our world, we may just have to learn to show our faces, and allow our voices to be heard.  We may just have to come out of the closet.

I am reminded of something that Cheryl Richardson said, when she was talking about her book, The Art of Extreme Self-Care.  She was talking about her father (maybe father-in-law) who said that she needed to be careful not to get a swelled head, when she was showing signs of success.  Cheryl responded that she thought it was a positive thing to have a swelled head.

Our society has taught us to be small, and Cheryl was explaining that being big is not something to be ashamed of.

We are all created in the spiritual image of God, but we have been taught from a young age that we are not worthy, especially if we are women.

As we now know, we use only a small fraction of the capabilities of our brains.  Also, our DNA has unused components.  Could it be that God has provided us with all of the physical attributes necessary to fully become the person we desire to be?  Could it be that, as well as being connected to the mind of God, we have the capability to become a better physical reflection of God?

It may not be great to talk about ourselves when we are allowing the ego to control the conversation, but what if we could allow our higher selves to do the talking?  Instead of cringing and wishing that the person would stop talking (or writing), wouldn’t we be very interested then, to hear how that person described themselves?

In order to live in this world, we need an ego.  But we don’t need to let it control our lives.

We can know that we are following the wishes of our higher selves, when we feel joy.  The soul speaks to us through our feelings.  When we are feeling joy, we know that we are following the wishes of our soul.  When we are feeling negative emotions, we know that we are looking at things in a different way than our soul would look at things.

Our soul also speaks to us during meditation.  When we meditate, our ego mind is quieter, allowing us to hear the voice of the soul.

Perhaps it is time now to telly your story – to allow others to hear what your higher self would say, if it had a chance to shout it from the rooftops.

This blog is my rooftop.

I hadn’t thought about the role of the ego when I wrote my French homework, so I hadn’t thought about whether my soul would have censored any of it.  (I was having enough trouble just putting my thoughts into French words.)  Here is a translation of what I wrote:

Who am I?

This is a difficult question for someone who doesn’t like to put people into boxes.  In the spiritual sense, we are all unlimited.  However, we have to define someone in order to understand them.

To understand who I am, it may help to understand who I used to be.

I was a director, with my husband, in our own business, where I worked for 30 years, until we sold the business two years ago.  Although I was semi-retired for some years before the sale of the business, it was always the focus of our lives, and the cause of many sleepless nights of worry and concern.

During the ten years before the sale of our business, I started to awaken to the spiritual side of life.  I began to study many aspects of spirituality.  Because of my background in the world of commerce, I was very sceptical about many of the things that I learned, but there was always something that happened to convince me.

I learned about angels and spirit guides, and that one can have conversations with them.  I discovered that one can communicate with Jesus and God as well.

I wrote a book about the experiences of my character, Angela.  She had experiences very similar to my own.  My book is called: Getting Used to Weird, because that is what both Angela and I have had to do.

Now I am preparing myself to be a published author, who can speak about weird subjects.  I aim to spread love wherever I go, and to help others to awaken to the spiritual life.

To this end, I currently post a weekly blog, and weekly oracle card reading on my website and Facebook page, and also a daily card reading on Instagram and Facebook.

If you have your own rooftop, why not shout out your story?  If you don’t have your own rooftop, please feel free to use mine.  I would be happy to hear your story in the comments below.

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  1. Rosie February 25, 2017 at 5:38 pm - Reply

    Thank you for writing that Lorelle, well put and definitely food for thought. True, most often we think the ego is “us” when in fact there’s a deeper part to each and everyone of us.

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