My Dreamtime Story

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For this week’s blog, I would like to tell my own dreamtime story:

Before the beginning of eternity, in the time before time existed, there lived a Being so wondrous, so magnificent, so powerful, so full of love, that no human now living could ever comprehend the majesty of it.  This Being had no name, because it could not be confined within any terms that a name could give it.

This Being knew all of its many wondrous attributes, but it longed to experience them in all of their infinite expression.  It therefore decided to create a universe that would allow it to experience itself in all of those infinite expressions.

It exploded itself into an infinite number of parts.  Each of these parts was integral to the whole, and every one of these integral parts had all of the magnificent attributes of the whole.  This Being, however, remained an entity which was greater than the sum of its parts.

For this plan to work, the Being allowed only some of its parts to be aware of their magnificence.  However, it put in place a plan, which allowed every part of itself to eternally evolve.  Each part could become more and more aware of its magnificence, until, finally reaching full awareness, the part could start the eternal process over again.

The Being created, within this vast universe, a number of laws which governed its operation. One of these laws was The Law Of Attraction, which said: “That, which is like unto itself, is drawn.”  Another of these laws was that “free will is paramount”.

There came to exist, within this universe, a number of realms.  In some of these realms, there was no time or space, so everything happened instantaneously, yet sequentially. In at least one of these realms, there came to exist space and time, which became a way to measure the distance between, and within, some of the created parts.  This realm came to be called the physical realm, and this was a realm which was really vital to the entire plan.

For it was within this realm, that the Being and its aware parts could most easily experience its magnificence.

Within this physical realm, there was the experience of duality.  There was the experience of light and dark, up and down, there and here, hot and cold, wet and dry, love and its opposite.

Although all of the Being’s parts had free will, not all of them were aware of this, so those unaware parts followed the will of the whole.  Some parts, however, were aware of their free will, so they chose which position on the duality scales they wished to experience.

The Being made it possible for those who lived in the physical realm to leave the realm, and then come back to it, as many times as they wished.  Some, who hadn’t yet become fully aware of their magnificence, could not understand how to achieve all of their desires in one lifetime in that realm.  Those parts could only see how to make an improved life if they changed from their current circumstances.  They could, perhaps, foresee a better life for themselves, if they came back to the physical realm in a slightly mutated form of their current species – a fish that could leave the water, a dinosaur that could fly, or perhaps a human that could easily program a video cassette recorder.

In order for aware parts to understand their magnificence, it was necessary for them to experience the contrast of being something that was less than magnificent.  At the end of their physical life, the parts were allowed to view the events of their lives and understand the difference between the life they had chosen, and that which they had been expecting to experience.

In order to allow the contrast between the magnificent and that which was not magnificent, it was necessary to create an illusion of separation between them, and allow the Being’s parts the free will to choose between the two.

Each of these aware parts had that segment of itself called an ego, which it used to identify its’ separate self from others.  The ego was the segment of that part which was most part-like, and within each part there was another segment which was most like the Being.

The segment of the part which was most Being-like would offer a stream of thoughts, from which the part-like segment, the ego, could choose.  The ego, having chosen a particular thought, would attract, with The Law Of Attraction, those thoughts which were closest to the previous thought, from which to choose again.  As the ego chose more and more similar thoughts to think, the part started to develop a belief, on which it began to base its decisions.

As the parts began to understand their magnificence, they understood that they could choose more and more thoughts which were closest to their magnificence.  They understood, then, that they attracted more and more magnificence into their lives.  When thoughts of lack of magnificence were presented, they understood that they could choose again, such that, soon The Law Of Attraction must bring them more and more magnificent thoughts.

As the parts became increasingly adept at understanding their magnificence, and choosing magnificent thoughts, they realised that, instead of waiting until their next lives to experience all that they desired, they could manifest their desires with increasing speed in their current lives.

They began to understand that there was no true separation between their part-selves and their Being-selves.  They realised that, as there was no real separation between themselves and the Being, there was no separation between themselves and all the other parts.

They began to understand that, until all the other parts achieved all of their desires, they could not achieve all of theirs.  They began to understand the big picture, which showed them that, in order to truly experience their magnificence, they must allow all of the other parts to experience their magnificence as well.

So, they started devoting their lives to helping the other parts understand their magnificence, so that they, too, could experience all that they truly are – a part of the supreme Being.

I would love to hear what you think of my dreamtime story, and how it may differ from yours.


  1. Jennifer December 15, 2013 at 9:32 am - Reply

    I feel like I have just unwrapped an early Christmas present! My Dreamtime Story is the same but I am trying to understand the last part better. Are you saying we can’t experience our true Magnificence until everyone else can experience theirs because we are all One? I believe we are all connected but suppose I didn’t realise how much the violence, greed, anger and other lesser emotions that are happening all the time in the world, are affecting MY journey to experience my Magnificence. Thank you for highlighting the need for service and helping others achieve theirs too because from just typing this and seeing how I capitalized ‘my’ has made me think ‘Oh, am I just in this for myself?’ If I want to keep on the spiritual path I am on at the moment I have discovered I need to honor my self-care as well. This way I can be more of service to others and also an example.

    Thanks, Lorelle, for another and in my opinion, the best you have written.

  2. Lorelle December 15, 2013 at 11:00 am - Reply

    As I just posted on my facebook page, I think I had a little extra help with this one.

    I think what it means is that, once we realise that we are all connected, we begin to feel others’ lack of magnificence, through empathy. It is, therefore, not until we can all experience our magnificence, that we can completely experience that magnificence individually.

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