Look Beneath The Shadows To Find The Light

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A message from the angels:

Lorelle, we wanted to talk to you today to tell you about your future.  Not you personally, but the future of your planet.

You know that everyone has been talking about ascension and ascension symptoms, and this is what is happening on your planet at this time, but there is a lot more going on than is spoken about.  We are all working to bring about the future that you have been praying for – the Earth where love rules, peace reigns, and everyone is treated with respect.

There is a lot happening on your side, and on ours.  All of the light workers, as you call them, are working hard to bring light and love to the physical side, and to wake people up to the light that dwells within each person.

On our side, we are providing what help we are allowed to your efforts, but we are also helping by changing the structure of the way light and dark interact on your planet.

Now that you all understand the meaning of dark and light, and the difference between the two, there is no reason to keep all of the darkness on your planet.  Many of those, who were considered to be shrouded in darkness, are beginning to see the light in others, and to awaken to the light within themselves.  There is now no need for darkness to remain on your planet in such large quantities.  It is time now to let go of the darkness within yourselves, so that the light can overwhelm it.

You are right in what you were thinking: you can embrace your shadow side, because, once you first acknowledge your shadows, it is then like you have shone your light on your shadows, and they, too, become light.  You can use all of your resources to help bring more light to the planet.

Whilst you still have shadows that you hide within you, the light cannot overcome it.

How can we find our shadows within?

First, Lorelle, you have to acknowledge that you have them.

I am guessing that if we didn’t have shadows, we wouldn’t be on this Earth.

That is not always true, Lorelle.  Some people are pure light, embodied in order to help bring more light to your planet.  But the chances are that most people reading this will have shadows that they need to acknowledge and release.

In order to find your shadows, there are a number of ways.

The first is to ask and you shall receive.  If you ask for us to show your shadows to you, you will become aware of them.  It is best to do this during meditation, and to tackle one shadow at a time.

You are right that Debbie Ford’s online course is still one of the best resources for tackling your shadows.  

Once you reveal the darkness that dwells within yourself, you start to shed light on it.  Light will always overcome the darkness.  Sometimes the darkness will return, however, if the original source of that darkness is not also looked at.  This is why the course you did was so beneficial, as it allowed you to follow your shadow where it led you – to the source, and to then shed light all along the way.

Once your light has overcome your shadows, you have more resources to help bring peace, love, and light to your planet.

Don’t worry about how to do this at the moment.  Your angels and guides are helping to show you your shadows and to overcome them, particularly if you ask for this specific help.

As you have discovered, sometimes there are different layers of darkness.  You might get rid of the really dark layer, and think that you have completely exposed that shadow, only to find that there are less dark, slightly more subtle shadows underneath.

Don’t worry; we can help you to achieve your aims of a planet where peace and love are the predominant emotions of your planet.

Remember that you are peace and love.  So, in order to bring peace and love to your planet, you just have to remove those things that are blocking your true self from sharing its light with the world.

Once the majority of people have begun to peel away the layers of darkness, more and more light will shine into the world.  More peace will be experienced.  More love will be experienced.

Be at peace.

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