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The business that my husband and I started over 30 years ago is changing hands next week.  Although during the last few years I have only been working in the business a couple of days a week, it has never been far from my thoughts.  The business has had its ups and downs over the years, and it has often been a source of worry for me, particularly during the downs.  So it is with mixed emotions that I close the door on one episode of my life and open the door to a new one.

As I considered what the future might hold for me, I started to think about my life purpose.

I had always thought that there was something wrong with me as a child and young adult.  When people asked what I wanted to be, I never had an answer.  As a teenager, my focus was more about having fun than working towards a particular goal.  Other people seemed to know that they wanted to be a doctor, a vet nurse, an engineer, a mechanic, or perhaps a mother.  I never had any such aspirations.  I never seemed to have any particular talents.  I couldn’t see myself as an artist, a dancer, or a piano player.

I accepted the opportunities which life offered me, but never really had an idea of where my life was heading.

Yet, somewhere deep within, I knew that one day I would be doing something important with my life, but I had no idea what.

I worked in a few administration jobs before joining Jon working in our business, where I remained reasonably content …. until I woke up.

From my day of awakening in my early fifties, during an energy healing workshop, I knew that I was going to be a writer, and as my writing developed, I knew that my life would take on a spiritual bent.

I began to learn from many spiritual teachers, both those in the physical and those in the spiritual world.  The more I learned from these teachers, the more I discovered about where my life was heading.

I now have a number of goals in life.  I have weekly goals, such as writing my blog and doing a card reading for everyone.  But I also have more long-term goals, such as publishing my books, and becoming a more effective spiritual teacher.

However, throughout my efforts to achieve all of these goals, I am always keeping in mind my ultimate goal – to help create a world where love rules, where peace reigns, and where every living being, including Mother Earth, is treated with respect.

As Wayne Dyer explains in his book, I Can See Clearly Now, he got to a stage in his life when he could look back, and everything that went before seemed to make sense.  He could understand just how everything that happened during his life to that point had prepared him for the life he was meant to live.

Whilst I have not made sense of all that has gone before, I know, without a doubt, that all of my experiences to date have helped to prepare me for the role I have chosen to play in this life.  They have all helped me to achieve my life purpose.

I have sometimes wondered whether I might have woken up earlier if I had begun practicing meditation at a younger age.  I know that, during meditation, one is in closer connection to one’s divine source, and perhaps this connection may have led me to an earlier awakening.  I know, too, however, that some people have karmic debt they need to repay and other spiritual promises to keep, which may require them to remain asleep and unaware of their true life purpose, until later in life.

I believe that was the case with me.

However, even though it may not be possible to know one’s ultimate life purpose at an early age, it is possible to learn the best way to perform the role we are playing at any particular juncture in our lives.  Meditation is a solid basis for learning such information.

Another source of information is from an intuitive reading from another person.

One of the many skills which my awakening has revealed to me is as an intuitive oracle card reader.  I attended psychic development classes and tarot classes.  I learned psychic skills from John Edward and Sonia Choquette, and took Angel Intuitive and Angel Card Reading classes with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

All of these teachers taught me that all of us have these same skills.  Often we have been taught to disregard these skills.  We have learned not to trust our feelings, which are the basis for our psychic skills.  Often we were persecuted in past lives for our psychic skills, so we became afraid of them.

My role in offering card readings is not only to help people understand how to navigate through a particular part of their lives, but also to help them to trust their own intuition, such that they soon no longer need card readings from others.

Have you ever wondered about your life purpose?

I am hoping that, as I close that door to my role in the business and open the one leading to my ultimate life purpose, I will have more time for offering card readings and helping others to develop their own intuition.

As a way to open this new door, I would like to offer a free, 3 card, Life Purpose reading to the first three people to request a reading in an email to

I am happy to offer a reading by email or skype.


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