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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all those new likers of my facebook page.  My aim during my weekly blog is, not only to tell you a little about my week, but also in the process to share some of the lessons which I have learned throughout the week.  I am firmly of the opinion that we are all students and all teachers.  So, as well as sharing the lessons I have learned, I am more than happy to hear from you if you have a lesson to share.

I started a new course at AIHT called Psychic Skills.  Whilst I have already had a lot of lessons in this area, I know that there is always more to learn, and so far I have not been disappointed.

I have been learning from a book called You are Psychic: The Art of Clairvoyant Reading and Healing by Debra Lynne Katz.

When I started reading this book, I thought that Debra seemed to be spending a lot of time focusing on the problems of acquiring foreign and negative energy, and how to ground and release this energy.  Although I have known that, as a sensitive person, it is necessary to shield and clear my energy body in order to remain in the light, I had often forgotten to do anything about it until it became a problem.  When I remembered, I usually surrounded myself in white light, and asked Archangel Michael to remove any negative energy from me.

Frankly, I have relied a lot on my angels to protect me, and haven’t thought too much about it.

Yesterday, I was reminded how important it is to protect ourselves from negative energy, and I realised how useful Debra’s grounding and releasing exercises were.

I had a wonderful morning doing Wu Tao at My Spirit at old Petrie town.  I came away feeling joyful and ready to face my weekly grocery shopping.  While I walked around the supermarket, I shared my joy with everyone I passed.  I felt so lucky when the supermarket employee walked up to me in the checkout queue and told me she was opening a checkout just for me.

I heard her tell another checkout lady that she would just serve this one lady, and she asked me to leave the sign at the end of the conveyor belt to tell the next person that this checkout is closed.  However another man carrying a couple of small items stood behind me, and he was making me very uncomfortable with his energy.  I didn’t point out the sign to him, because I thought the checkout lady might take pity on him and put through his couple of items, after me.

However, when my items had moved along the conveyor belt and he placed his couple of items down, the lady told him that she couldn’t serve him, but that the lady working in the express lane would help him.  The man went off his brain and spewed out lots of negative energy in the process:

“You waited till now to tell me.”

“Janet will serve you, it’s ok”, the lady replied.

“No she won’t”, he spat, and with that he left his items on a shelf behind the checkout, and stormed passed me out through the door, knocking my cloth bags to the floor, and walking on them in the process.

He was obviously having a bad day, but managed to spoil everyone else’s day in the process.  The joy I had been feeling disappeared, and I could literally feel the sludge that had collected in my aura from this encounter.

Having learned from Debra how to create a hollow grounding cord which goes with me everywhere, I was quickly able to release this acquired sludge down my grounding cord and into the Earth, where it was easily disintegrated in the molten lava.  My joy returned soon after.

I know that there are no accidents in this world.  I know that my angels and spirit guides had arranged this demonstration just for me, so that I could see the benefits of what I had learned.

I am so grateful for this demonstration.  I had been able to understand that, what had seemed like a negative event had turned out to be a way to learn a valuable lesson.

I have learned that every event in our lives, whether we see it as negative or positive, is filled with lessons.  Usually the negative ones hold greater and more profound lessons, and we really can cherish these events, just as the angels have been telling us.

I am reminded of the words from the book, Angel Messages from the Beyond: the Complete Book of Answers, by Juan Nakamori.  Message number 11, often used to come up for me, and was obviously the message that I needed to hear:

There is nothing in this world
That is not worth
Beautiful things, ugly things, petty things,
New things, outdated things,
Praise that feels pleasant to the ear,
Good news, health or illness,
Hard work, the kind-hearted, and even the egotistical:
All are to be cherished.
From that which can be touched and seen,
To the intangible and the invisible,
If you relate to every person, to every thing
And to every situation that arises in your life
Resolutely and with a cherishing mind,
All will become precious, valuable and worthy.
Instead of disliking, running away from, and hating;
Instead of ignoring, criticising and despising;
If you observe calmly from a broader perspective,
You will begin to see all things differently.
True meaning – that which has been hidden until now
Will then be revealed to you.
Because, when you see through the mind’s eye of your True Self,
Whatever is no longer necessary for you
Will no longer bother you,
And will disappear from your sight.
Through cherishing the people things and situations in your life,
You cherish and nurture your True Self.

I hope that you and I can all remember this lesson next time we encounter what seems like a negative event, and remember to look for the lessons there.


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