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I have spent a lot of my week planning and organising my 60th birthday party in a couple of months’ time.

I am not normally a party person, so it was a surprise to me when I realised that I wanted to have a ‘shindig’ to celebrate my life thus far.  It was a further surprise to me when I felt the urge to invite people whom my logical mind told me that I shouldn’t have – people whom I wouldn’t consider close friends, cousins whom I haven’t seen for decades, interstate residents whom I knew were unlikely to attend.

I even found myself in an argument with myself over one particular invitation.  My logical mind could find no reason to invite them, but I knew without doubt that I would.  I had a few opportunities to have this specific argument during each of the steps involved in delivering the invitation: as I filled out the names on the invitation, as I printed it out, as I wrote out the envelope, and as I organised delivery.  Each time my logical mind offered arguments why I shouldn’t invite them, yet I was still determined to include them, even after sleeping on the decision.

I knew that my higher self, my angels, and/or my guides had been helping me decide on whom to invite, and I realised I just have to have faith that everything will be alright, and that they know something that my logical mind doesn’t.  So, naturally, my logical mind kept asking them for a logical reason, but none was forthcoming.

What’s the point of having faith, if your logical mind would make the same decision?  The whole point of having faith is that there is no logical explanation and yet you do it anyway.

The same applied when I was trying to find a DJ to book for the party.  There seemed an abundance of people to choose from, but nothing that made one stand out as a definite choice.  So, I asked my angels for help with selecting a DJ.

The next day when I searched on the internet, I entered a slightly different description into the search engine, and found a DJ whom I had not encountered in my previous search, or in the recommendations from the function room staff.  There were some aspects about this DJ which seemed an improvement on the others, yet there seemed to be some aspects which made me wonder about them.

Here too, I decided to have faith.  I decided that, having asked my angels for help with the choice, they would be looking out for my best interests.  Even if they were operating for the highest good of the DJ and not me, my interests would be served by being of service to them.

There are always opportunities in our lives to test our faith.  Sometimes we will be tested on faith in our spiritual helpers, as I have just been; sometimes we will be tested on faith in God; and sometimes we will be tested on faith in ourselves.

Each of these tests brings us closer to God.

When we have faith in our spiritual helpers, we trust that God has put a system in place which is always acting for the highest good of all involved; when we have faith in God, the bond between us naturally becomes closer; and when we have faith in ourselves, we begin to see ourselves as a child of God, with all of God’s attributes, thus drawing us closer to God, also.

Faith allows us to believe that, no matter what is happening in our lives, everything is happening for our highest good.  When you start to have faith, you realise that it is not only your spiritual helpers, but every inhabitant of the planet who is also acting for your highest good.  When you start to have faith, you realise that we are all one.

I’ll give you an example.

Yesterday, I was walking the dog past the aquatic centre where there is some building work going on, so there was an area within the grounds containing building equipment, which was enclosed by a temporary fence.

As I walked around the corner on the outside of the fenced area, inside I saw a young boy playing with a ball – bouncing it against the wall and catching it.  As I drew nearer, I saw that he had stopped playing and was looking longingly into the fenced off area.  On the other side of me, some metres away in the carpark, a couple of men stood chatting as they packed up their utes at the end of their day’s work.

As I walked past, I put 2 and 2 together.  I asked the boy if he had lost his ball, and he nodded.  I then turned and asked the men if they belonged to the fenced off area, and they said yes.  I told them that it looked like the boy had lost his ball in there, so one of the men found a key, unlocked the gate, and proceeded to find the ball for the boy.

If I hadn’t wandered past at that time, it is unlikely that the boy would have seen the men, or felt brave enough to yell out to them.  I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to be a go-between.

This is what we call synchronicity, and it happens all the time.  Very often we aren’t aware of it, but all of the time the universe is acting in the best interests of all of us, and each of us is a participant.

If we have faith in this synchronicity, in the universe, in ourselves, we never need fear anything again.  If we have such faith, we are creating the future we desire, whereas if we fear a negative outcome, we are creating the outcome we fear.

So I intend to have faith that my party will be a roaring success, and everyone who attends will have a wonderful time, including me.

Have you found yourself acting on faith, despite the insistence of your logical mind?  Have you been the recipient of the universe’s synchronistic help, or found yourself being used as a tool in the universe’s hands to help someone else?  I would love to hear about it.


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