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There are so many things happening in the world today which cause us concern, that it would be easy for us to lose hope – hope of a peaceful, joyful future.  Mother Mary must have understood this, so was instrumental in the card reading that I did for Friday on Instagram.

As we approach Christmas, Mother Mary wants us to know that, just as God had plans for the Earth when Jesus came for his Earthly mission, God has plans for the Earth now. The situation is never hopeless. All is part of a grander plan than each of us could ever know, as we are only ever part of the entirety of God. God has grand plans for you as an individual, as well, and your life purpose is an important part of the grand plan for the Earth. Have faith; have hope; all is well. Love is the answer. Follow Jesus’ example to love your neighbour as yourself. Peace be with you, and all who dwell on the Earth.

The card for tomorrow, Friday 23rd December, is from the Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Cards (Doreen Virtue).

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Her message was clear.  We must continue to have hope and faith that everything is happening in divine order.  We must each follow the guidance which comes from God, our higher selves, our angels, and guides, which leads us towards, and through, our life purpose.  Each of us is a vital part of the solution to this perceived problem.

Whereas religions have relied upon one man, one prophet, one Son of God to be the salvation of the Earth, it is time, now, to understand that every son and daughter of God is required, if we wish to save the human race.  Each of us has a role to play in bringing peace to the Earth.

It can be difficult, in these troubled times, to know when to speak out and when to remain silent, when to act and when to merely observe, when to avoid negative news and when to learn all about it.  This is where our guidance comes in.

It is imperative, in such times, to ensure that we find time to go within, time to listen to our inner voice, the voice of God, the higher self, angels, and guides.  Meditation, sitting quietly in nature, being at peace.

You may be hoping for a plan laid out for the next ten years of what you need to do and when.  However our guidance rarely, if ever, works like that.  Our guidance generally comes like a breadcrumb trail.  We follow one breadcrumb at a time.

If you are like me, you sometimes feel like some wayward animal has eaten the breadcrumbs before we have found them.  Sometimes we feel like we are just feeling around in the dark, searching, and hoping that we’ll stumble across one of these breadcrumbs.

I usually find that, when I feel I have lost my way and can’t find any breadcrumbs, it is when I have allowed fear to get in the way.  And fear never arises in the present moment.

We never have anything to fear in our present moment.  If we did, we would have no time to focus on fear; we would be using all of our resources to escape the tiger.  When we are focusing on fear, it is when we are thinking about the future or the past.

There is really nothing to fear in our future or our past either, so why not stay focused on the present.

The occurrences of the past hold no power over us now, and can be released.  Those things we fear in the future may never happen, and focusing on them is only going to make them more likely to occur.

If we have faith, we understand that the universe is always acting in the best interests of everyone concerned.  However, the universe only knows what we desire from our thoughts.  If we are constantly thinking thoughts of fear, then we attract more and more thoughts like that, and soon the universe will start bringing us situations which support that.

Love is the answer to all questions.  In troubled times, it is even more important to think love, be love, and act with love.

It is important to remain focused in the present moment.  The present moment is where God resides, and you can meet her there whenever you focus in the present moment.

Within the present moment, you will find all of the attributes of God, including peace, love, freedom and joy.

As you focus on the peace, love, freedom, and joy, which you find in the present moment, you find you are then able to, not only feel these attributes within a troubled world, but you are then able to share those attributes with the world around you, with everyone you encounter, and with every thought you project into the world.

So, as we enter into the Christmas period, let us follow Mother Mary’s suggestion to follow Jesus’ example, to love our neighbours as ourselves.  Let us also be the peace we wish to see in the world, by focusing on the present moment.

And when we do think about the future, let’s have faith that everything will be wonderful.

There is a book which may help you imagine a better future.  It is called Tomorrow’s God by Neale Donald Walsch.

This book inspired me to start a New Spirituality Study Group in my area, the aim of which is to help bring about the peaceful and loving future we wish to see on this planet.

Here is a link to our website:
(Note that the forum is not really operational any longer)

If you feel so inclined, why not consider reading Tomorrow’s God, and perhaps joining or starting a New Spirituality Study Group in your area.

I wish you all a peaceful, loving, and joyful Christmas, and a peaceful, loving, and joyful 2017.



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