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I used to be a fan of the original Star Trek many years ago, but, after years of repeats, the novelty began to wear off.  Or perhaps it was because what had once been science fiction became science fact.

The communicators used by Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy became outdated by our mobile phones.  Space flight became a bit ho-hum with the advent of the shuttle and international space stations.  Even Spock’s mind meld now seems to have a striking resemblance to telepathic communication, which is the subject of much speculation in the modern world.

The one skill which seems to still be elusive to us is the one we associate with Scotty: “Beam me up Scotty!”

We haven’t yet learned to dematerialise our bodies in order to transport them somewhere else and then rematerialise them in another location.  I wonder if the reason we have not yet accomplished this feat is that this skill requires something other than an improvement in science and technology.  Perhaps this skill requires an improvement in consciousness.

I knew it was no coincidence that, in order to complete my Biblical Studies project this week, I needed to reflect once more on the book channelled by Tina Louise Spalding, Jesus: My Autobiography.  Then, last night, I happened to be reading a part of Wayne Dyer’s book, I Can See Clearly Now, in which he talks about his writing of the book Excuses BeGone !, and the information related in Bruce Lipton’s book, Biology of Belief.

I awoke this morning following a dream in which I was being held prisoner by a serial killer who was threatening nasty things with an axe head.  However, rather than being frightened, I merely told the man to stop it, or else.  When he asked “Or else what?” I told him I would merely dematerialise my body and rematerialise it somewhere else.  I realised that, with such a skill, I had lost all fear of death, and with that, all fear of life.

When I was relating my dream to my husband, he naturally scoffed.  I told him it was not that far-fetched to dematerialise and rematerialise our bodies.  Our bodies are recreating themselves all the time.

I told him the story which Wayne Dyer had often told, of his body being a totally different body today than the one it had been 20 years ago, and that not one cell in his body was the same as it was back then.  Jon conceded that his orthopaedic doctor had reminded him, when he asked about the healing of his broken arm, that his arm bone would be completely replaced within a year.

In Jesus: My Autobiography, Jesus explains that the resurrection was not a case of his raising up his dead body, but of dematerialising one body and rematerialising another.

Jesus says he went towards his physical death willingly, but reluctantly, and in doing so demonstrated his ability, which is open to all of us, to overcome the physical.  He was able to lift his consciousness out of his body, so there was limited suffering.

“When you are in touch with reality – which is that you are not a physical being, that your consciousness is your connection to Source, not your physicality – then you are able to leave the body as easily as breathing, as it is not a difficult thing at all.”

Although after his resurrection Jesus was in his astral form, his rematerialized body was touchable, visible, speaking, breathing, laughing and loving.  He was able to dematerialize, materialize, and disguise his form at will, and appeared to his disciples to prove to them that death is not real.

Could this be what is happening when there are appearances of angels on Earth, who have been witnessed helping at accident scenes and such?  Could it be that, just as the angels and Jesus can materialise and dematerialise bodies at will, the rest of us have this ability, too?

For those of you who think that Jesus was able to do these things because of his divinity, let me quote from Jesus: My Autobiography:

“…for you cannot truly understand your own divinity if you think that I am more divine than you.   I am further up the ladder, but the ladder is one.  It is from hell to heaven.  I am further along the road, but there is only one road:  You are either walking in the direction toward heaven, toward the light, or facing in the incorrect direction and taking steps toward the darkness.”

“If you believe in your divine nature, your creativity, your heart, your openness, your kindness, your connection to others, and your ability to transform and create your own world, then you are on the right track.”

“I am no more or less divine than you.”

Even if you have doubts about this book and only trust the Bible, look at John 14:12:

“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do…”

There is an old Buddhist saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  Perhaps when we have walked far enough up the ladder, far enough along the road toward heaven, a teacher will appear to teach us how to dematerialise and rematerialise our bodies.

One teacher has already appeared to help us understand how this is possible.

In Biology of Belief, we learn that Bruce H Lipton PhD began to investigate the role the environment plays in affecting gene activity in Epigenetics.  He began to see each human body as a “cooperative community of approximately fifty trillion single-celled citizens”.

Bruce reached the conclusion that “the fully conscious mind trumps both nature and nurture”.

He learned from Quantum Physics that “material substance (matter) appears out of thin air”, as atoms, and therefore all of life on Earth, including you and me, “are made out of invisible energy not tangible matter”.  He explains that, from the quantum perspective, “the universe is an integration of interdependent energy fields that are entangled in a meshwork of interactions”.

Bruce gives an example of energy being used to create harmonic resonance with a kidney stone and thus cause it to explode.

He showed that thought “energy” can have the same sort of effects on the body.  It is demonstrated in effects such as the placebo effect, and the unsinged feet of firewalkers.  However, these effects only occur when we believe.

He gave an example of a surgeon who wanted to find out which aspect of knee surgery was most beneficial.  He conducted a study in which one third of his patients received “fake” surgery, which included an incision but no treatment of the knee.  He found that there was as much improvement in the group who didn’t have real surgery, as there was in those who did.  They believed they had had the operation.

Bruce also highlighted Candace Pert’s work, discussed in Molecules of Emotion, which explained that “the “mind” was not focused in the head but was distributed via signal molecules to the whole body.”

If the mind can work miracles in local sites within the body such as the feet, or a healed knee, why would it not be possible for the mind to transform the entire body?

If we can engender a belief that it is possible, might not our molecular mind have the ability to exert its energy upon surrounding cells in such a way that the body is transformed into the non-visible energy of which it is formed?  Might not that same mind (or consciousness) have the ability to once again create a new, improved cooperative community of single-celled citizens?

I know these ideas seem way “out there”, but, at one time, people believed that the Earth was flat.  At one time, communicating with someone miles away through small hand-held communicators seemed like science fiction.

I have no doubt that once we have climbed further up that ladder, walked further along that road to heaven, we will look back on our attitudes today and wonder what was stopping us from “beaming up”.

Perhaps we may even see some tribbles.


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