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When I asked for guidance about what I could write my blog about this week, the thought came to me in French “Aucune idée”.  “Great”, I thought, “my spiritual helpers are going on strike – taking a week off and flying off to Maui to be with Doreen Virtue maybe”.  But later, I realised that this really was to be the subject of my blog.

Often when we follow our internal guidance, we really don’t have a clue what we are doing or why; we just have faith that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing.

In A Course in Miracles, we are advised that miracles “should not be under conscious control”, and that “Consciously selected miracles can be misguided”.  “Miracles are natural”, and “are performed by those who temporarily have more for those who temporarily have less”.

I take all this to mean that we don’t need to have a clue about what we are doing or why.  We are being guided by the Voice for God and thus we will always be directed to the right place at the right time.  As Doreen Virtue’s Angel Calendar told me yesterday: “You will never lose your way walking along the path of God.”

There have been many examples in my life, when I have been directed to do things that I had no idea about, until later, why I was doing what I was doing.  I just knew that it was something I had to do.  Sometimes I knew I was supposed to be doing something, even though everyone told me it was silly, including my own ego self.  Sometimes I never found out the reason I was doing it; I just had to hope that there was a very good reason, even if I never knew what it was.

A few examples:

Just a few weeks ago, I went to a yoga meetup.  It had been about a year since I had been to one, but as I was missing my regular yoga class that week, I took advantage of the meetup to make up for that.  After the class, I was talking to an old acquaintance about what we were both up to these days.  I told her that I was studying A Course in Miracles, and she said she had just started to read a book called The Message of A Course in Miracles, which explains the Course in plain language.  I had been praying for help with understanding the Course, so I naturally saw this as an answer to my prayers.

One day, quite a few years ago, I saw an advertisement in the local paper for a lady who did Reiki healing.  I had already learned a form of energy healing, Quantum Bioenergetics, so I knew that I personally had no need of a healing, and yet I felt a strong, inexplicable urge to call this woman.  Luckily she didn’t think me too crazy when I called her and told her that I didn’t know why I was calling her, but that I just felt I had to.  Later we met for a chat, and sometime after that, she invited me to hear another lady introduce Quantum Touch, another form of energy healing, which I later came to use in a number of healing sessions.

A couple of years ago, I was looking out for a new car.  I had my eye on a particular hybrid car (part electric, part petrol powered), but when I enquired about it, I was told that the particular model that I wanted only came with leather seats, even though there was another model with cloth seats.  As I had just become vegan, I really didn’t want to buy a new car with leather seats, and I didn’t want to compromise on the features and take the one with cloth seats.

Both the dealer and my husband told me there was no point in pursuing it, and even my ego self told me to give up.  My spirit self, however, insisted that I insist that the dealer check with the factory to see if they could replace the leather seats in the model I wanted, with the fabric seats from the other model.  The answer came back that it was not possible.

I never did find out why I needed to be so stubborn about this.  To my ego self, the dealer, and my husband, it had been a great waste of time and energy.  My spirit self, however, knew that there was a higher purpose, the details of which I may never learn.

This is the thing with miracles: once you become willing to be helpful and harmless, you become an instrument for God in the world.  You may never know who you are helping or how; you just know that everything is happening in divine order, and you are an instrument of that order.

It is sometimes difficult to keep the ego from sticking its nose in.  It thinks that everything we do has to be about it.  If we are thinking with our ego mind, we cannot understand doing anything that wouldn’t benefit the individual self.  When we are thinking with our spirit mind, we understand that everything we do affects the Self, and that Self includes all of God’s creation.

We may never know the effects that our positive thoughts and actions have on another being, or on the world as a whole.  A smile to a lonely person as we walk down the street may be enough to stop that person from committing suicide; a word of praise to someone may turn someone from thoughts of giving up, to pursuing their new career.  You may not need to do anything, but just show up.  Perhaps just your positive thoughts will be all that is required to make a difference in someone’s life.

The obvious questions that come to mind are: “How do I know I am listening to my spirit mind?  How do I know I am walking the path of God?”

The first answer is intention.  If you intend to be only an instrument for God, then that is what you will be.  You have free will to choose in any moment which voice you will listen to, but if it is your intention to only listen to the voice for God, then that will be your result.

The second answer is that you know that it is the voice of love.

The third answer is that thinking with your spirit mind brings only peace and joy.

Of course it is possible to waiver between the two.  You feel peace and joy one minute and fear and doubt the next.  The ego doesn’t want you listening to your spirit mind, because it thinks that it will cease to exist.  If you listen to the ego, it will tell you that you are making a mistake, that you are being silly, that people will think you are crazy.

Those others who are using only their ego minds may think you are crazy.  They couldn’t comprehend the bigger picture that your spirit mind understands.

Sometimes we have to appear a little crazy, if we want to be our true authentic selves.  Our true authentic selves know that it is the world which our egos have created which is really crazy: A world where we declare war as a means of keeping the peace.  A world where we chop down millions of trees which are providing our life-sustaining oxygen.  A world where we kill a person as punishment for killing a person.

All we need to do to ensure we are walking the path of God, is to align our will with God’s will, to state our intention to be an instrument for God, or if you don’t believe in God, to be an instrument for good in the world.  It matters not if you believe in God, because God believes in you.

Every person on the planet has a role to play in achieving God’s aim of returning his children to him.  Everyone is needed.  Everyone is special.

You may wonder, as I have on occasion, who is this voice of spirit, this voice which is not the ego voice, this voice that leads me to do God’s will.  Is it my angels, my spirit guides, The Holy Ghost, Christ, God, my higher self, my soul?  But then I realised, it doesn’t matter.

All of God’s creation is one.  Once we begin to follow the voice for God, we come to recognise this fact.  We understand that God speaks to us through our own mind, through the voice of a child, through a song, through a sign on a passing truck.

We are one with God and all of his creation, and if we are following the will of God, we are helping everyone else to come to realise this fact, too.

I would love to hear about the times when you have followed your inner guidance, your spirit voice, and maybe seemed a little crazy.


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