Archangel Metatron

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ind archangel metatron

We had the Archangel Metatron card during the weekly reading, and he was eager to connect with us.  I got the urge to talk to Metatron, and the message I received was for all of us:

“Lorelle, I wanted to talk to you and all of your readers to let you all know what a wonderful job you are doing to keep peace and love in your hearts.  Like all humans, you slip into fear from time to time, but, overall, you are doing wonderfully well, not only you, but all of your readers. Your readers gain much from your daily card readings, because your readings are based on love.

I know what you are thinking: that people will think that this is your ego inflating itself, but it is not. It is Archangel Metatron, the archangel who has lived on Earth before as a human. I have retained the knowledge of the difficulties involved.  It is easy to fall asleep on your planet, even after you have been awakened. There are strong negative influences trying to pull you down from your lofty heights.

You have much to be proud of – that you have been able to remain mostly positive – all of you.  A few of you could use more daily spiritual practice to improve your level of peace and love within.  As you have learned, Lorelle, without your twice-daily meditations you would find it difficult to cope with, let alone overcome the stress of your daily life.

Don’t worry, all of you. There is nothing to fear in this life or the next. You have so much help. If you would like more help to remain positive, peaceful, and loving, just call on me and I will be with you, ready to help you in any way I can.

I wanted to let you know how proud we all of you. All of your angels and spiritual helpers would like to cheer you on to bigger and better things, but first we want to make you aware that you have all come a long way.”

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