A Weekend Of Angels

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I had a wonderful weekend in Melbourne at Doreen Virtue’s Angel Oracle Card Reader workshop.  It was a weekend filled with angels.

Having written my blog last week about my spiritual backup team, they were in the forefront of my mind as I arrived in Melbourne.  I had already set them the task of organising a room with a view of the sea.  I was very pleased, but not surprised, when I discovered my room was in the corner of the hotel closest to the sea, with one of the best views available.

They also delivered on my request for good food at the hotel, which is not always the case with vegan meals in hotels.

After I had deposited my bag in my room with a view, I went out for a brisk walk.  It was a very hot day, and my plan to walk a long way soon withered in the heat, and I turned to head back to the hotel.  As I passed the casino, I decided to head inside to cool off.

As I looked around the huge gaming floor, the dragonflies and turtles on one of the poker machines caught my eye.  After spending a weekend staying at the casino on the Gold Coast with my sister a couple of years ago, I had sworn never to play the pokies again.  But something about this machine was calling me.

I had told my angels that I wanted to have a weekend of fun, and this machine certainly delivered, with free games and regular wins.  In the back of my mind was the angel number I had looked up the day before – 888 – which meant: “This is a very auspicious sign of complete financial support from the Universe.  Money is flowing in your direction!”

I was hoping for the jackpot, but I also remembered the lesson I had received at the Gold Coast casino that previous time:  “When you play to have fun, you are more likely to win.  When you play for greed, you are more likely to lose, and not have any fun in the process.”  I might have won jackpot had I not been desperate to stop playing to get a drink of water.  As it was, I came away with a handsome profit and had the most fun playing the pokies that I have had in years.

My weekend had been all about angels even before the angels of the workshop.  I had started reading a book on the plane called Angels in my Hair, by Lorna Byrne.  This is the autobiography of an Irish woman who has lived her life with angels as her friends, and seeing them everywhere.  Sometimes she saw them in human form, and other times as colourful bright lights.  She could see everyone’s guardian angels, and during special events she would see a mass of angels.

As I sat looking around the workshop auditorium, I imagined that I could see guardian angels hovering above each person’s head, and special angels floating below the ceiling.  This made it much easier to remember that everyone has angels with them, that everyone is special, including me.  I think this helped to give me more confidence in my readings at the workshop, and much more able to encourage others with their readings.

I was jealous of Doreen, though, when she talked about seeing Archangel Haniel dropping in and helping everyone individually.  Doreen also mentioned being able to see the energy being emitted from the hands of a healer she spoke with in the audience.

Although my skills in angel communication have been mainly auditory rather than visual, I believe that I, like everyone else, have spiritual vision, which, as Doreen mentioned, has been suppressed due to negative experiences in this or a past life.

As it was, I was pretty impressed with my readings and those of the people who read for me, some of whom had only started that day.

I am grateful to all of the people involved in the workshop.  Doreen Virtue, Michael Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, and Robert Reeves educated and entertained us, and helped to make my weekend the fun weekend I had requested.

Since I have returned home, I have been trying to maintain the momentum.  On a crowded city street during the week, I pictured an angel floating above the head of every person on the street.  What a brilliant picture it would be if I could really see this.  I have also been asking for help from my angels with releasing any obstacles to my spiritual sight.

The truth is: we all have been given these gifts.  We are all connected by the love of God.  If we focus on love, our connection to our angels and all of God’s creation seems stronger to us.  In fact, the connection never changes; it is our awareness of it which alters.

If we focus on love, everything improves, not just our angel card readings.

That, now, is to be my aim: to focus on love in all that I do – in my animal rights activism, in my writing, in my spiritual teaching, and in my Tarot and Angel Card reading.

Love is the answer to all questions, and the key to success in all things.


My blog last week suggested that everyone give it a go, to talk with their angels and guides.  I would love to hear about anyone’s experience with angel communication now, or in the past.  Have you ever seen angels?

I know that some of my fellow workshop attendees have recently liked my facebook page.  I would love to hear about any experiences of angels that you have had leading up to, during, or since the workshop.


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