A Christmas Wish From Jesus

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christmas nativity scene

As I awoke this morning – Christmas Eve – I woke up singing “The Little Drummer Boy”, and as I imagined the scenes described in the song, I felt the strong presence of Jesus.

Every morning I greet God, my angels, and my guides, but this morning I added a greeting to Jesus.

I remembered back to when I first learned to communicate with my angels and guides, and how this led to my communication with Jesus.

I began reading a book called Ask Your Angels by Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie and Andrew Ramer, which taught me how to raise my vibration to that closer to the vibration of the angels.  After a lot of practice, I felt confident enough to share what they had taught me in a book called Getting Used To Weird.  The character in my book, Angela, and I, learned that life looked very different from the point of view of the angels:

“You are a child of God and love is always present in your life.  You can be your very best person and love will prevail.

Your love is like a beautiful flower and you are its petals.  Your love is your connection to the creator and your guides.  Your love is your best weapon against hatred and racism.  Your love is your best weapon against the troubles in your life and others lives.  Your love is your link to the universe.

You can be whatever you want to be.  You can be your true self and know that love will prevail.  You can sit on the fence and be a pawn, or you can become your own person and be a voice for love and truth.  You are one with the universe and love will prevail.  Let love be your guide and take a leap of faith in the journey of your life.  Be at one with the world and its people.  Be at one with the love of God.  Be at peace.

Your love is like a hot poker.  It is forever glowing and alive.  Be at peace.”

As I had been earlier introduced to one of my spirit guides by a psychic, I started to wonder about the differences between angels and guides, and was able to find many answers in the book by Sonia Choquette called Ask Your Guides.

Angela and I learned that our guides are very helpful, with practical advice to see us through any difficulties:

“As you are now aware, if you miss your meditation, the stresses of the world begin to accumulate in your body and in your mind.  Your meditation allows you to release all of these stresses, and allows you to cope better with new stresses that come along.  But as you learned, if you can live in the moment, you need not stress.  Stress is really just worry about the future.  Remember that the future will take care of itself.  Live for the moment.  Yes, you can plan for the future, but from a position in the present.  These are difficult concepts to grasp, but once you have grasped them, you need never stress about the future again.

Think love in all situations and all will be well.  Your love will see you through.  Have some fun.  Laughter is the best medicine.  Love and peace go with you.  Be at peace.”

After many conversations with our angels and guides during our meditations, Angela and I were becoming a bit blasé…until hearing from Jesus.  During a conversation on Christmas Eve, Angela asked him if it was appropriate to wish him a happy birthday, even though she knew this wasn’t the eve of his real birthday.  She received this response:

Thank you, Angela.  It is appropriate to wish me a happy birthday.  You should never be afraid to wish anyone happiness.  Happiness is not a condition of my current existence, but constant joy is what I experience every day – all the more because of the love I receive from yourself, and all those who hold the traditions of Christmas as sacred.  The love that pours forth for me and others in the world in this period of goodwill, is a condition I would love to see continue throughout the year.

Love is the key to peace on Earth.  Love one another as yourself and all will be well.  Be not afraid to send your love out into the world, in the form of peace, love and healing to all those who need it.  Have faith, and all your desires can be achieved, including peace throughout the Earth, and goodwill, not only to all men, but all women, and all creatures, as well.  Goodwill towards the Earth itself will follow.

Jesus, Angela, and I have similar desires.  We would all like to see the conditions of peace and goodwill, which Christmas can instil, extended throughout the year.  We desire peace throughout the Earth, and goodwill to all men, women, children, and creatures.  We know that once this is achieved, goodwill to Mother Earth will naturally follow.

There is no reason why you can’t have your own conversations with your angels, spirit guides and Jesus.  Just like all of the Ascended Masters, Jesus is available to all of us simultaneously.

As you learn to converse with your spiritual helpers, you will find your vibration will be raised, and you will feel joy more often.  You will begin to experience the love which these spiritual beings are continually sending you, and you will start to understand that you share that same source of love within.  Once you start to experience such love, you can’t help but want to share it.  As you experience the love within yourself, you will understand that that same love exists in all of creation.  You will realise that We Are One (the title of my second book).

Once you come to this realisation, you, too, will desire peace throughout the Earth, and goodwill to the Earth and all who reside on her.

So, one of the best birthday presents you can give to Jesus, and one of the best Christmas presents for us all, is to start that conversation with your spiritual helpers and see where it leads.  You just might find it leads to great joy, and peace on Earth, not just at Christmas time, but throughout each coming year.


(Image copied from https://www.facebook.com/ChristmasNativityScenes with thanks to the undisclosed artist.)

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